Turkish Royal Coffee Serving Set 19 PCS - Silver

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Turkish Royal Coffee Serving Set 19 PCS - Silver

You will not be able to resist the taste of luxurious coffee when you see it in these luxurious royal cups, with their amazing colors and design, this set specifically suits the owners of fine taste and lovers of luxury.
This set comes with six high-quality white ceramic coffee cups made in Turkey, and each cup is placed in an ornate and engraved silver holder, decorated with small shiny pieces such as diamonds and one colorful zircon stones on both sides, in addition to a lid and a special saucer for each cup.
In addition to six teaspoons, and a two-layer stand, the bottom layer is for cups, and the top layer is for placing sugar cubes, nuts, or whatever you want.
This set is wonderful by all standards and is suitable for Ramadan and all occasions.

Contains :
6 PCS Cup
6 Sauser
6 Tea Spoon
1 Stand Two-Layer

Use Instructions :
Kindly do not use chemical detergents to clean it.
Please do not leave it wet.
Please do not run in the dishwasher.
Please dry it with a dry cloth.

Color : Silver
Made in Turkey

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