Turkish Royal Coffee Serving Set 14 Pieces - Bronze

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Turkish Royal Coffee Serving Set 14 Pieces - Bronze

Enjoy the taste of Arabic coffee and the beauty of serving it to guests by owning this royal set.
The set consists of a set of six plain white ceramic coffee cups, and each cup is attached to an ornate bronze holder, decorated with small shiny pieces such as diamonds and colored zircon stone on both sides, in addition to a lid for each cup, and a saucer for each cup.
The beauty of the set is complemented by a serving tray that comes in the same color as the cup holders, in addition to a small transparent glass sugar pot attached to a decorated bronze base and lid, which can be used for sugar, dates or any type of nuts.

Contains :
6 PCS Cup
6 PCS Saucer
1 PC Serving Tray
1 PC Sugar Pot

Use Instructions :
Kindly do not use chemical detergents to clean it.
Please do not leave it wet.
Do not wash in the dishwasher.
Please dry it with a dry cloth.

Color : Bronze
Made in Turkey

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