Turkish Armada Table Mat Set - 26 PCS Cream & Off White

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Turkish Armada Table Mat Set - 26 PCS Cream & Off White

Features :

This tablecloth is a distinctive addition to your dining table in your home with its design of 26 pieces that are creatively decorated and made of high quality, with strength and durability to resist wear and tear .
  • This tablecloth set protects the surface of your table from slipping of cups and plates and keeps the table clean from stains and scratches, which reduces the work of cleaning the table .
  • It can be added to home decor in the dining hall or work office, restaurants and hotels, where the beauty of the design allows adding a luxurious touch to the décor .
  • The set contains 12 pieces of tissues to be placed in front of your guests and dishes are placed on them, in addition to the circular bracelets to surround the tissues in a wonderful way .
  • Suitable for a table of 10 to 12 chairs, it can be added on special occasions to give a festive look .

Product Details :

  • 1 PC Table Mat ( 160  X 360  ) cm .
  • 1 PC Table Mat ( 180 X 35 ) cm .
  • 12 PCS tissues ( 32 X 32 ) cm .
  • 12 PCS Rings .
Color : Cream & Off White
Made in :  Turkey

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