Royal Turkish Coffee Serving Set 5 PCS - Gold

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Royal Turkish Coffee Serving Set 5 PCS - Gold

Enjoy the taste of coffee and the beauty of presenting it to guests by owning this royal set. This set comes with a very wonderful design that suits those with fine taste. It consists of two white ceramic coffee cups, and each cup is attached to a decorated golden holder decorated with small pieces such as diamonds and colored zircon stones on both sides, in addition to a special lid for each cup.
The beauty of the set is completed by the serving tray that comes in the same color as the cup holders, and a special handle for the tray is installed in the middle of it.
The set also comes with two glass water cups decorated with white and gold decoration.

Contains :
2 PCS Cup
2 Glass Cup
1 PC Serving Tray

Use Instructions :
Kindly do not use chemical detergents to clean it.
Please do not leave it wet.
Do not wash in the dishwasher.
Please dry it with a dry cloth.

Color : Gold
Made in Turkey

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