Body & Clothes Perfume - Black White

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Body & Clothes Perfume - Black White

Features :

If you are looking for excellence and a gentle presence everywhere, this perfume is your best choice, it will give you a wonderful feeling throughout the day, and the fragrance will smell of you wherever you are.
This perfume is suitable for use in all seasons of the year, especially in the summer, to prevent the smell of sweating.
This perfume has great stability on clothes, which will make you spread this refreshing aroma wherever you are and wherever you go.
This perfume is long lasting and gives you freshness every day. It comes in a beautiful and attractive package.

Usage Instructions :
Keep away from heat and sunlight .
Keep away from the reach of the children .
Spray vertically.
Do not spray towards the fire.

Capacity: 100 ML
Made in Turkish

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