Pure Life Cotton Quilt Cover Set 6 PCS - King White & Grey

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Sarev Pure Life Cotton Quilt Cover Set 6 PCS - White & Grey ( 300 TC )


Poetic touches and classy details, timeless designs and modern elegance, imagine a pure and clear world and feel the privilege of this world with the (Sarev Pure Life) series .
Made of Pamuk Cotton, it provides excellent resistance to washing as it has been tested to reduce bacteria by 99.9%, even after more than 100 washes .
It controls unpleasant odors permanently and for a long time and provides you with comfort .
Do not mix with other fabrics that make up the pile, it is easy to wash (dry clean) .

1 PC Quilt Cover ( 220 X 240 ) cm
1 PC Fitted Sheet ( 280 X 280 ) cm
4 PCS Pillow Case ( 50 X 70 ) cm

Color: White & Grey
Material: Pamuk / Cotton100%
Made IN Turkey

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