Natural Rose Body & Clothes Perfume - Vadi

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Natural Rose Body & Clothes Perfume - Vadi

Features :

A refreshing aromatic fragrance, one of the best luxury perfumes produced, this perfume will give you a wonderful feeling throughout the day thanks to its unique composition .
This perfume is suitable for use in all seasons of the year, especially in the summer, to prevent the smell of sweating .
This perfume has great stability on clothes, which will make you spread this refreshing aroma wherever you are and wherever you go .
Therefore, you do not need to use more than one spray of this perfume, because it lasts all day .
Packaged in an elegantly designed bottle, it will add beauty and splendor to your perfume collection .

Usage Instructions :
Keep away from heat and sunlight .
Keep away from the reach of the children .
Spray vertically.
Do not spray towards the fire.

Capacity: 60 ML
Made in the UAE With Turkish Materials

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