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Mattress Visco Gel Memory Foam ( 200 x 200 ) 

Features : 

A bed mattress is an important part of a restful sleep pattern , Paying attention to the quality and quality of the mattress is one of the basics of deep sleep.

- The biggest pro of gel memory foam is that it is cooling and breathable.
- Memory foam is suited for hot sleepers and year-round use as it won’t get overheated and cause sweating and disrupt your sleep.
- What makes memory foam mattresses so popular is the fact that they are both really supportive and comfortable to sleep on.
- It offers all the great properties of it, such as spinal support and body-contouring adaptiveness.
- A gel memory foam mattress will relieve pressure from key stress points in the body and help you get rid of back pain.

Size : ( 200 x 200 ) + 27 cm
Length : 200 cm
Width : 200 cm
Height : 27 cm

Color : White 

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