Luxury Turkish Hospitality Tray 1 PC - Bronz & Brown

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Luxury Turkish Hospitality Tray 1 PC - Bronz & Brown

A masterpiece made in a very wonderful way, equipped with two handles in the form of wooded on the sides in golden color in addition to the legs on both sides to make it easy to place and install it .
  • It can be presented as a special gift on the occasion of moving to a new home, as it is a beautiful and wonderful addition to the home décor .
  • Made of high-quality wood, which is strong and durable, and heavy-duty metal handles .
  • Wonderful colors give you a hospitality experience full of elegance and splendor .

Product Details :

Size :  ( 38 X 38 ) cm
Color : Bronz & Brown 
Material :  High quality wood 
Made in :  Turkey

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