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Luxury Nordic Mattress ( 200 x 210 ) - White

Features : 

The mattress of the bed is an important part of a restful sleep pattern, and attention to the quality of the mattress is one of the basics of a deep sleep .

Nordic Luxury Mattresses are known for providing a rare combination of airflow, pressure reduction, density and strength, and the result is a hybrid mattress that adapts to your body and relieves stress while you sleep .
Made of hard mattresses in a thoughtful and comfortable way to provide full support to areas of the body, especially for those who suffer from back and spine problems, as it is suitable for heavy weights .
Supports comfortable sleep on the sides and the back No shifting of motion for a Disturbance-free, "cooler" sleep, sustainable performance throughout the life of the mattress .
Encased in a breathable cotton and fleece cover to improve temperature regulation, to maximize performance and comfort, with a flexible slat base .
Provide continuous cooling and help reduce heat buildup .

Size : ( 200 x 210 ) + 27 cm
Length : 210 cm
Width : 200 cm
Height : 27 cm

Color : White 

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