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Mediflex Firm Mattress ( 200 x 200 ) - White ( Half Medical )

Features : 

MediFlex mattresses work using self-regulating technology. They have the flexibility to reconfigure themselves any time a person moves or is repositioned. The advanced valve system allows these pressure changes to occur slowly to further relieve pressure and provide comfort to the person lying on it .
An ideal choice for those looking for a firm and firm mattress that keeps you comfortable all night long. Great for stomach sleepers and some back sleepers .
Suitable for people who are heavy, as it has enough resistance to prevent excessive drowning and works to better distribute body weight .
It can be tried for people who suffer from back pain, as it adds pressure and support to the shoulders and back .

Size : ( 200 x 200 ) cm
Length : 200 cm
Width : 200 cm
Height : 15 cm

Color : White 

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