Al Saad Rose Body & Hair Perfume - Koparan

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Al Saad Rose Body & Hair Perfume - Koparan

Features :

Luxury, elegance and high quality are found in this perfume bottle, where the beauty of the smell and the amount of freshness it gives and the luxury of the design of the package, allowing you to present it as a classy gift .
It can be used in all seasons, especially in the summer, to get rid of the smell of sweat and maintain a beautiful and pleasant smell .
A high quality composition that makes its smell last long, stuck in your body and your clothes, making you more charming and attractive .

Usage Instructions :
Keep away from heat and sunlight .
Keep away from the reach of the children .
Spray vertically.
Do not spray towards the fire.

Capacity: 100 ML
Made in the UAE With Turkish Materials

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