Your Guide to Choosing the Suitable Mattress

Your Guide to Choosing the Suitable Mattress

Your guide to choosing the suitable mattress

We all agree that good sleep is essential to your health and wellness, so when you go to bed at the end of a long day, realize that bed mattresses are key to healthy sleep and an important part of the sleep-rest equation, providing the foundation you need to get better sleep and relieve stress that builds up on your body throughout. today . The type of mattress you sleep on can improve or harm your sleep, so it is necessary to choose a mattress that fits your body and your sleeping position, but what is the correct way to choose the perfect mattress and what to rely on when buying a bed mattress ?
 Finding the right mattress is not just about looking for the brand or spending the most money. Instead, focus on your personal preferences and what suits your needs. There are many factors to consider when choosing a mattress :

 1 - Health Problems : 
If you suffer from back or neck pain, it is recommended to try hard mattresses that add pressure and support to the shoulders and back. "A medium firm mattress or a firm mattress with a softer pillow will give your spine the perfect balance of support and cushioning," says Howard Levy, associate professor of orthopedics and physical medicine and rehabilitation at Emory University. 

2 - Sleeping Position :
Although the majority of people tend to switch between different positions at night, most people prefer certain positions. You will likely find that you either sleep on the back, sleep on the side, sleep on the stomach, or a combination of the three .

1-2 - Back sleeping  :
Back sleepers will want a medium firm mattress which is best suited for back sleepers, as a medium firm mattress helps them elevate the spine and adjust it into a neutral alignment. When I talk about neutral spinal alignment, I'm referring to the idea of creating an even line all the way from the shoulders to the hips, and this helps relieve tension in the back and prevent aches and pains.

2-2 - Sleeping on the side :
Side sleepers need deep pressure relief in their shoulders and hips, which means they'll usually want to stick to a softer mattress that fits the curves of the body to help prevent nighttime blurring. Since side sleepers put a lot of force on their joints at night, it is important that they land on a soft mattress that helps relieve pressure on the shoulder and hips, as the soft layers allow for excellent hugging and support for all body curves.

3-2 - Sleeping on the stomach :
Stomach sleepers are basically the opposite of side sleepers, as they want a very firm mattress that raises the hips in line with the shoulders. The biggest problem these guys will have is a soft mattress that causes their hips to get out of alignment with the rest of the spine, so they'll want to keep their eyes on very hard models.

4-2 - Sleeping in the three positions: back - side - stomach (mixed sleep ) : 
Mixed sleepers, those people who combine the three positions, this sleeping pattern is popular, but requires a dynamic mattress capable of providing comfort across the back, side and stomach. In general, they will likely need a medium firm mattress. A medium firm mattress is an excellent choice for this type of sleeper because it usually strikes a nice balance between pressure relief and support. It's soft enough to relieve pressure on the shoulders while sleeping on the side and firm enough to support the hips while sleeping on the back.

3 - the weight :
Firm mattresses are best for heavier individuals because they have enough resistance to prevent excessive sinking and the feeling of getting stuck in the mattress. A solid mattress better distributes a person's body weight, ensuring that they are not exposed to painful pressure points. Conversely, lighter people prefer soft to medium firm mattresses.

4 - Partner preferences :
If you share your bed with your spouse or child, you will need to consider their preferences, weight and sleeping position, as well as your own, in which case the medium firmness range is most desirable. In situations where a partner's preferences are completely opposite, a specialized mattress may be necessary. Some manufacturers offer the ability to customize each side of the bed different from the other, while others make mattresses with adjustable firmness settings that can be changed as needed.

-    Who should choose a soft mattress : Usually this type of bed mattress is preferred ( people who sleep on the side, people whose weight is light ). 

-    Who should choose a solid mattress : People who suffer from back pain, who sleep on the stomach, some who sleep on the back, and people who are heavy weight often want hard bed mattresses.

-    Who should choose a medium hard mattress : As we mentioned earlier, people who sleep in fluctuating positions ( from the side to the back to the abdomen ), people whose weights are from light to medium, people who share their bed with someone who prefers an opposite option for your choice resort to the medium firm mattress.

Conclusion :

It will not be too difficult to choose between soft (soft) or hard (hard) bed mattresses, or firm (medium firm) mattresses, but properly testing the different options is the best way to make a personal decision and get the perfect mattress.

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