Do you need Mattress Topper ?

Do you need Mattress Topper ?

Do you need Mattress Topper ?

As we know that consulting a specialist doctor is the first step to avoid back and neck problems, pain and complications, also choosing the right and appropriate bedding products for you may play a major role in helping to treat you and avoid many health problems.


The mattress topper one of the most selling products in the recent period in the world of bedding and bed accessories.

So what is the mattress topper ?, Actually its an additional layer that is installed on the bed mattress and is made of either cotton, microfiber or a material Memory foam, and its main goal is to increase sleep comfort.

Undoubtedly, we are all looking for a quiet and comfortable sleep without stress or pain, and Mattress topper may be one of the appropriate solutions to these problems, but what are the benefits of adding this layer really ? and do you need it or not?!


Know more about the Mattress Topper:

1- Increases Mattress Lifetime:

The Mattress Topper will let you hesitate for considering buying a new mattress again as it extends the life of the mattress by reducing stress on the springs, and delaying any wear in general.

This hotel layer is easier to wash than a full-size mattress, even removing or replacing it is much cheaper than the whole mattress. You can also move the hotel layer ( Mattress Topper ) from one bed to another or fold it and take it with you when traveling.


2 - Ductility:

Mattress Topper gives you improved comfort and better sleep, as it helps to increase the softness of the mattress and support the back. If you are one of the people who suffer from back pain or feel that your mattress is stiff, I advise you to try the felt, as it may be an alternative and useful solution for you.

If you suffer from back or joint pain, especially arthritis or muscle pain, the extra support provided by the mattress topper can greatly improve your sleep comfort.


3- Sleeping position:

Back sleepers usually want a medium firm bed, side sleepers will need some extra softness to relieve the pain on the shoulders, Mattress Topper provide you deep sleep and comfort as the felt takes the shape of the body and thus helps in providing an optimal position for the spine and back.


Can Mattress Topper be a substitute for the mattress?

Although the hotel layer extends the life of the mattress and increases the softness of the hard mattress, it cannot be a substitute for the bed mattress in case that it is dilapidated, such as the presence of ruin in the springs or a sharp drop in the mattress.

Also the topper could not be the most suitable option for some people, because some doctors have advised them to sleep on hard mattresses only because of some back problems.


Why should I get the mattress topper ?

1 - relieves pressure on your back, knees and neck while lying down.

2 - You will get a more comfortable sleep experience.

3- It will change the look of your mattress for the better.

4- It breathes new life into your old mattress.

5- Mattress is firm and hard and you want a softer sleep.


Felt types :

A variety of felt is available according to its filling, including :

1 - Cotton fibers

2 - Gel foam

3 - Microfibers

4 - feathers

5 - Latex

6- Memory Foam


In conclusion :

In the end, let us agree that the mattress topper helps to give you a better sleep and provides you with additional comfort like hotels. The topper is ideal if you are not ready to buy a completely new mattress and want to improve your sleep. You can also choose the right type for you via our online store.

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